Michael Wagner – Chief Executive Officer SASCU Financial Group

Perry Wilson’s experience and expertise in project management ensured our 27,000 sq. ft. branch/administration expansion in 2012/13 was successful.   The building portion of the project was complex but added to this was the internal human resources training and movement pieces including delivering a newly developed member experience for the branch.  Not only was the project completed on time and on budget, all internal key milestones where met.  When considering all of the moving parts in this highly complex project, we are very thankful we had Perry on our team.

Neil Brown- AVP Branch & Central Operations at Envision Financial

“I had the pleasure of working with Perry as she created a strong Project Management Group. In addition to building and mentoring her team she developed an impressive track record of successfully delivering challenging enterprise projects. Through her direct approach she ensured the business value in each project was clearly articulated and delivered. Perry’s depth of operational knowledge combined with a hands-on project management approach make for a highly effective, professional combination.”

Seema Dhanoa – Business Analyst, Vancity Credit Union

“Perry has been my Project Manager for two credit union mergers. She truly has exceptional skills in running large scale, complex projects. With her methodical approach, she is seamless from project planning to execution. She has the natural ability to sense when to step at the right time to help out her team, if she suspects an issue. Perry has provided me guidance and has given me challenges to help me grow in my position as a Business Analyst. As a leader, she is approachable and a pleasure to work with.” 

 Simon Fulber – Senior Performance and Learning Consultant, Vancity Credit Union

“Perry’s professionalism as a project manager was second to none. She approached the discipline with the rare combination of global thinking and attention to detail. Her ability to manage all aspects of projects combined with her strength in building relationships allowed her to handle complex projects efficiently and effectively. Perry is a natural coach that is able to share her vast knowledge and experience with a variety of audiences. It was a pleasure working with Perry on a variety of projects, and I learned a great deal from the interactions.” 

Kate Dunford – Senior Associate, Community Leadership, Vancity

“Perry is one of the most inspiring and supportive leaders I have ever encountered. She models the leadership qualities of accountability, responsibility and innovation. With a focus on people, she inspires trust and is an excellent mentor. I have seen her ask the hard questions to challenge the status quo, take a stand for what she believes is important, and move projects forward despite numerous barriers. I do not hesitate to recommend Perry as Project Manager of extremely high quality.” 

Brenda Monk – Branch Manager at Envision Financial

“Perry delivers!! I had a number of opportunities to work on projects that Perry managed. In all cases these were organizational initiatives that had a direct impact on our customers or employees and Perry insured all decisions and timelines reflected their best interest. She has the ability to keep a team motivated and heading in the right direction while ensuring deadlines and budgets are met. It was always a pleasure working on such well thought out projects.”

Alison Amratlal – Manager, Corporate Communications, Vancity Credit Union

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Perry on a number of complex projects involving large-scale organizational and technical integration. Each time, she applied a disciplined approach that saw the projects completed on time and on budget. I particularly admired her ability to remove obstacles, large and small, without ever losing her ‘cool’. She developed solid, professional relationships with stakeholders at every level of the organization — and she brought a sense of humour and fun to even the most tedious task.”