Project Management


�Perry's professionalism as a project manager was second to none. She approached the discipline with the rare combination of global thinking and attention to detail. Her ability to manage all aspects of projects combined with her strength in building relationships allowed her to handle complex projects efficiently and effectively. Perry is a natural coach that is able to share her vast knowledge and experience with a variety of audiences. It was a pleasure working with Perry on a variety of projects, and I learned a great deal from the interactions.�

Simon Fulber - Senior Performance and Learning Consultant, Vancity Credit Union - May 2009

Services - Project Management Training

Do you have a project looming and need help in organizing your team for success? Perry A. Wilson, PMP has developed a series of half-day workshop based training modules that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Project Management 101

An overview of project management. The topics include a description of project processes from initiation to closure. The participants will leave with new skills on successful delivery of projects and some of the techniques to overcoming common barriers to success.

Project Initiation

This workshop focussed on getting the project started successfully. The participants will leave with the ability to clearly articulate what the project is intended to achieve, estimate a high-level budget, provide an outline of the project team requirements, build an estimated timeline and recommend a governance structure.

Project Planning

This workshop will build on the initiation session and fine-tune the schedule, budget, and attendee. The team will participate in planning a sample scenario that demonstrates the importance of planning in minimizing the risks and issues as their project is implemented.

Project Execution

Here�s where it all comes together. The participants will learn how to manage scope, risks and conflicts to keep the project on track. The workshops focus on the right communication at the right time to the right people.

Project Closing

When the project is over and the product or process is operational, the project manager has one more task. Closing the project is a process that will leave your company with clear documentation, measured success criteria, and a knowledge base that will allow you to repeat the success.