How do you add value to your client?

One of the questions that comes up on discussion boards and with clients is what does the Project Manager do? I have to say I’ve had my struggles in answering this question in the past.

I’ve been chatting with clients over the last week and I think I now have an answer – at least for me, your answer might be different.

I take the complex and simplify it. When my client says “it’s a lot of work”, I get excited. I can take the ‘lot of work’ and make it manageable. I love doing that!

Yes, I report on status, I manage issues and risks and I communicate and support others in communicating. But, what I do first, is simplify. I remember a book I read on consulting that answered the question ‘how do you eat an elephant’ – one bite at a time.

So, I take the elephant and I carve it into bite sized pieces. I pull the overwhelming list of activities out of my client’s mind and give it back to them as a schedule.

What’s your answer to the question “what does a project manager do?”

Happy PMing.

About Perry A. Wilson

Perry A. Wilson, PMP, has solid experience in all facets of Project Management. As a project management consultant, her expertise in process methodology, design and strategic project planning is a huge asset to aid you with your project whether you require hands on support, guidance and mentoring, or training to learn how to make your project succeed beyond expectations.Perry Wilson has developed her approach from lessons learned through delivering multi-million dollar projects, on time and under budget.
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